How it works – The Simple Process

Note: Commission2CASH is not currrently accepting applications.

Step 1:

Fill out the online application or print the form and email/fax back.

Step 2:

First time customers only: We will send you a Master Agreement to complete.

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Step 3:

We will then provide you with 4 documents to complete and return (usually takes less than 20 minutes to fill out):

  1. Notice to Assignment
  2. Business Purpose Checklist and Declaration
  3. Account Receivable Sale and Assignment Agreement
  4. Certification

Step 4:

Funding within 48-hours. For repeat clients this can even be same day!







You've earned it. Why wait to get paid!

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Tony is a KellerWilliams® agent and he came to us looking for a commission advance on his transaction which was set to close in 45 days.

The inspection contingency had been satisfied. The buyers had an FHA loan with 5% down and had put a $10,000 earnest deposit down on their $500,000 purchase. Tony was a first time client with ... MORE

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