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Commission2CASH is a "Factor". Simply put that means we purchase the receivables from independent contractors and businesses. We specialize in the Real Estate industry because it's what we know.

Questions we often receive:

What is Commission2CASH?

We've designed our system to be quick, simple and an effective cash flow tool for commissioned professionals. It takes only about 20 minutes to complete an application and submit the necessary forms to receive funding on an unrealized commission. Often, you can have money wired, or check funded the same day as the application is made!

We don't expect to be an everyday event for most agents, but the few times a year that cash flow is needed, there's now an alternative to borrowing money.

What's the cost?
What's the cost of not having access to your receivables? Have you ever had late fees on your business bills? Lost an opportunity because you couldn't fund a marketing program? Maybe you even had penalties for paying taxes late? You charge a percentage of the sales price or the amount financed as your brokerage fee, we in turn base our discounts on a percentage of the receivable being purchased. Typically our fees are between 8%-14% for first 30-90 days. A $7,500 advance for 60 days would cost approximately $750.

How much can I receive for my commissions?
You can get an immediate payment of up to 80% of your commission when you assign it to us. The remaining 20% of your commission, less discounts and fees, are transferred to your account, wired or check written to you within 48 hours of the close of your transaction.

For example if you wanted to assign a $5,000 commission to us that is going to close within 60 days, we would pay you $4,000 immediately and once the transaction is complete, we would fund back $500 assuming no other expenses or fees. You would have received a total payment of $4,500 for your $5,000 commission. The factoring discount cost for 60 days would have been $500.

*Those companies that offer 100% will subtract their fees prior to advancing you any funds and therefore in essence don't really give you 100%.

Are there any other fees associated with the transaction?
No, as long as the transaction is closed on time.

What happens if the transaction doesn't close within contracted days?
We understand that things do come up. A complete fee schedule is enclosed in every purchase and sale agreement. We do provide a 30 day grace period for all transactions.

What happens if my transaction doesn't close at all?
Having come from the Real Estate industry we understand that some deals fall through due to no fault of the Agent. If your transaction does fall through, we will give you a chance to assign another transaction to us for payment or you may repurchase the receivable from us using your personal funds.

May I sell just part of my commission?
Yes. We base our fees on the amount we purchase, so if you need only $3,000 of a $10,000 commission that's no problem. You would receive immediate payment from us for the portion that we are buying and the rest of your commission as usual from your broker.

Is there a limit to the amount I can sell?
No, but first time clients will be have a limit of $10,000.

Will you buy all types of commissions?

No, we will not purchase Foreclosure transactions.

For Short Sales, we will provide advances but will require additional paperwork (example: Letter of approval from negotiator for the particular buyer.)

How do I receive my money?
All fund transfers are done by wire transfer or check.

At closing we get paid directly from the Settlement Agent or broker. One of the forms you will complete will need to be acknowledged by the Settlement Agent/broker. When the transaction closes, the Escrow Company sends us our money and if there is a portion of the commission that you did not sell to us, it would be paid to you in the customary manner.

Does my Broker have to approve the sale of my commission?
As a 1099 employee (independent contractor) you have the legal right to sell your receivables to whomever you wish. We do need the Designated Broker to acknowledge the sale and instruct the Closing Agent to pay us directly. Because there is no liability to the Broker we have never come across one that has had any concerns with the sale of the commissions. It takes the Broker about two minutes to complete his/her portion of the paperwork and what we have found is that if it is benefiting one of their agents, it is benefiting them too.

Do I need good credit?
No. We don't look at your credit because this is not a loan. We are purchasing your receivable and only care about the quality of the transaction and the likelihood that it will close.

Do other Agents use your service?
Yes. Across the country over 50,000 Real Estate professionals have used ours or similar services in the development of their businesses.

How do I get started?
Just click on the Apply Now button below and give us some basic information about your transaction.

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Tony is a KellerWilliams® agent and he came to us looking for a commission advance on his transaction which was set to close in 45 days.

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